Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend Mentions

So as you all know, this past weekend was pretty nice weather-wise for everyone in the continental United States.  Me and the family decided to get out and about a bit.  Saturday afternoon, we decided to go get some exercise and take the kiddies out to the park for a stroll.  First, however, I had been bugging hubs about checking out one of the Vietnamese restaurants because I'd always wanted to try their cuisine, especially since I have a couple friends who have raved about it.  So we decided to grab lunch at Pho Dai Loi, a pretty popular and authentic Vietnamese restaurant that was suggested to me.  I think most people have heard of "pho"--which I think may be the most popular Vietnamese dish period.

So here are the basics.  If you're a newb to Vietnamese cuisine, there are probably 3 things you will be told to try first:

1.  Bubble tea - which is some kind of blended drink with tapioca balls sitting at the bottom.  Those are the "bubbles".  I got an avocado bubble smoothie, and it was delish.  I don't like to eat/drink the balls though.

2.  Spring rolls - I'm sure everyone has had a spring roll in their lifetime.  These had shrimp in them and were fairly tasty.  They are just very simple and mild in taste.  The peanut dipping sauce was definitely the star of that show!

3. Pho - Last but not least, the popular dish "Pho".  It is basically a noodle soup with various meats.  I got the Pho Tai which contained flank steak and eye round.  It was DELICIOUS!  And you can't tell from the pic above, but that bowl was HUGE and I'd ordered a medium bowl.

Verdict is:  We will definitely be back!!

So after that we hit up the park, but before we got there, we caught a glimpse of Baton Bob on the street!  He is definitely one of Atlanta's sweethearts!  A Baton Bob sighting is always a treat!  As you can tell from his name, he is usually twirling a baton--but this time he had pom poms along with tartan wear.  Maybe for St. Patty's day?  He gets tons of honks & heckles from the cars driving past.  No one is sure why he does what he does--but HE GETS THE PEOPLE GOING. lol

We eventually made it to the park and had a lovely time walking around and seeing SO many people out enjoying the weather.  Spring is definitely here.

I luv to see a man pushing a stroller, by the way.

Oh and as for SUNDAY:

Nerdy girl swag.

Mojitos with the girls!  [Don't think an explanation is needed for that.]

All in all, it was a great weekend!  What did you all do?


  1. Nik you look great, as always! Please share your skin care regimen. Your skin is flawless.

    1. Very soon! I'll do a small skincare post. Small because I don't have a real extensive regimen.

  2. I really was interested in trying some pho and now your review makes me even more anxious to. :-)
    I love the pic of you and your hubby. Not sure if you have on makeup (it looks like you don't) but your skin looks so gorgeous in that photo.

  3. Thx Nik! I know less is more...plus you workout and eat well, which adds to the flawless skin. Love the lipstick. That color looks great on you! What brand is it?

  4. You wear nerdy girl swag very well. I too like to see a man pushing a stroller with BOTH hands. I get irritated at the men trying to be cool by using ONE hand. That smoothie looks good and I don't like those little balls either.


  5. Thx everyone!

    Anon--that lipstick is a little tiny mini lipstick the cashier at Sally's threw in my bag for free! I think it's Sally's brand--they were on the clearance table. It now has me on the search for the perfect red. I've been wearing it nonstop since I've had it. I'm living the red with my (newly) black hair!

  6. I saw Baton Bob at the Taste of ATL last year & had no idea that he's a staple there. LOVE that Forever21 bag too, girl. I am a bag whore! Great post! Spring is here and I am elated.

  7. LOL @ Baton Bob. I've NEVER seen him but I hear about him all the time. He looks like he is having fun lol


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