Monday, March 12, 2012


Anyone out there still have one of these around??  Some of you may not even know what it is!  Only us 80's babies, perhaps.  And by "80's babies", I don't mean people born in the 80's, but who actually remember that decade.

Well, GOTCHA.  I don't have one laying around either.  It's my latest iPhone case.  Because I'm all about anything nostalgic and kitsch-y, I couldn't resist. Oh, and have I mentioned that yellow is my favorite color?


You know, now that I think about it--hubs does have a box of old reggae mix tapes put away somewhere in this house.  A BIG box, actually.  I live with a hoarder.  Anyway, this case can be found on eBay, and they come in an array of colors!  As you can tell, I buy lots of "random" stuff off of there.  I'm starting to even scour Etsy for knick-knacks.

Wait, maybe I'M a hoarder too. :^(

Anyway, happy Monday!


  1. I actually bought this same iPhone case a few weeks ago! Mine is kind of like a see-through pink color. I love it! And it was very cheap on Amazon. I've gotten so many compliments on it.

  2. Yes! It's definitely a conversation piece, it seems. Lol

  3. Yes I remember. I also remember trying to unravel the thing when it was twisted. My old Corolla even had a tape player!

  4. Love it! I love that color polish you have on. What brand/color is it? Please share.

  5. Thx! It's Essie "Secret Story".

  6. Thx Nik! I heart your blog :-)

  7. I love love love this! I was born in the 80's but I have older parents so I have plenty of those still at my folks house. Ha!
    Gotta copy this from you...hopefully I remember to.

  8. ipoad get the best cases. I saw one that looks like the 1 generation Game boy and one that looks like an old camera. lolol


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