Thursday, June 16, 2011

HOTD: French Braids!

I've been trying to find some styles that I can put my hair in that I can (1) wear a few days at a time, (2) throw a hat over if I want (because I luv hats), and (3) doesn't require me to re-wet my hair constantly.  So at a whim, this morning I took my hair down from it's usual bun that I've become quite bored with, and stretched my hair further (from it's already slightly stretched state because of the bun) with a warm blow dryer using the tension method, and then proceeded to put my hair into two french braids.  I instantly loved the look.  So, I think I will wearing my hair like this or some other variation regularly throughout the summer.  It's perfect for the summertime heat.  Also, these can easily be taken down and worn in a stretched/loose braidout if decide I want to get "cute", which is important to me as well.

I did a search of french braid pictures and see that french braided styles are quite popular.  For your inspiration:



  1. I love it!, it looks great. I wish I knew how to french braid.

  2. very pretty!

  3. great try. i still trying but fail...

  4. Really cute I was just trying french braid hair styles at school on my doll head and was thinking of trying it out n my hair- thx I will now!

  5. Where did you get those sunglasses from? They are cute!

  6. Sunglasses are from Urban Outfitters!

  7. Very cute!!!!I wear my hair like this alot. I must say that it is my favorite go to style.


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