Tuesday, March 20, 2012

+Less is More+ Hexagon

Hola mamacitas!

So last week I happened to be at the mall (nice day, needed to get out of the house) and of course, I had to check out one of my guilty pleasures--Forever 21.  I peruse F21 online often, but sometimes I like to go into the store and actually see in person some of the items that may catch my attention online.  At times I'm pleasantly surprised and other times...let's just say I'm so happy I didn't press "check out".  Meanwhile--while browsing the store, I came across this ADORABLE crossbody bag.  I'd noticed it online a couple weeks ago, and though I'd thought it was cute, something didn't move me to buy it.  Well looking at it face-to-face, I fell in love with it!  It is so me.  Now let me say this, I am sometimes a tad leery of all of the faux leathers out there.  Which is one of the reasons I didn't buy it online.  By the way, what is with all of this faux leather that I'm seeing in shoes and accessories, and they're priced at like 60+ bucks.  Like you really have to read the fine print of even some of the popular brands.  Look, I'm not a vegan, and though I don't have anything against faux leather (obviously), I refuse to spend over 30 bucks on it....I digress...

To make a long story short, I had to have the bag.  It looks great in person, doesn't scream faux, and of course, I love the ethnic "look" of it. Plus, it only cost 22 bucks!  I think this will definitely be one of my most carried crossbodies this summer!  Even my camera fits into it nicely!  

If you like the bohemian/ethnic look AND a good bargain--Go get this bag!

Click below to buy! [Hopefully, it is still available online.  I snatched up the last one they had in my local store.]


  1. Love the bag!! Your outfit is amazing as well! Your hair is super pretty!! Is this a braid out?

  2. Thx! It's actually a twistout that was done with 5 big twists!

  3. I totally LOVE it!
    I have a pair of shoes and a belt that looks similar. I'm going to get one :-)


  4. Very cute! Hair is big and curly again I see :)


  5. As I started reading your post i said and lol to myself she is talking about the bag i've been wanting...and sure enough when i scrolled down there it was! I too go online to look and sometimes happy I didn't buy it either AND I wanted to see it in person but didn't see it in the store...let me go online! Cute outfit!

  6. I saw that bag this wknd and I so regret that I didn't buy it!

  7. Love the whole ensemble. Your sunglasses are really cute. I'm wearing my hair straight now, and itching for my curls. Especially, after seeing yours. I'm going to get this purse. I was just in F21 and did not see this bag.

  8. Nice!
    The bag is very cute and I have a few like this from the thrift stores around here.
    They work really good with my spring/summer look. Maxis, rompers, shorts, awesome addition to any outfit.
    Loving your hair too!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. lOVE the whole look, where did you get your top?


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