Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Moved me to tears...

...and I'm a tough broad.  Pass this along and do something to help like call/write your local congressmen. #KONY2012

Let's try to help to create more happy endings in the world out there.


  1. Please listen to this podcast before you jump on the KONY bandwagon.

  2. I haven't had a chance to listen to it, but I realize there are ppl who have criticized the organization Invisible Children. My support isn't necessarily for this organization, but for the ISSUE and spreading the word about what's going on. That is also why I suggest that ppl call/write their local congressman, instead of saying donate to an organization!

  3. My main issue is not with the organization, it is with the intentions behind putting out the video in the first place. When you have the time check out the podcast, its relatively short only about 30 mins. I will warn you that he does use foul language.

  4. This is a blogger in Uganda response to KONY 2012.

  5. Thx for the links. I appreciate the dialogue on this. As with anything that "catches fire", there will be some backlash. I'm posting it and keeping it up because did this Kony guy do this stuff? Yes. Is he still #1 on the international fugitive list? Yes. So whether there are some other agendas behind all of this--hey, there is still a bad guy out there, and a lot of people didn't know his name prior to all the hoopla. The jist of the video I'd gotten was to simply pass it on. No harm in that! :)

  6. If this video makes people want to become more aware of global issues than that in itself is a good thing. However war genocide is something that has been happening in parts of Africa for YEARS, and it is well documented. Even this story is not anything new. Jacob Kony has been number 1 on the international fugitive list for 20 YEARS!!!. Now is he a bad person if he inflicted all of this pain on his own people? Yes. But am I still questioning the motives behind this whole campaign? Sure your right.

    I'm not requesting that you remove the video, because like I said if this video inspires people to want to become more knowledgable about global issues that is a good thing. I just want people especially black people to sit back and critically assess what is going on before they accept things as is.

  7. Sorry I just realize that I wrote Jacob instead of Joseph. Lol writing to fast. I enjoyed the dialog.

  8. Oh! Here's a great video that summarizes what I explained above, which also draws parallels with Iraq. Though the Congo is so much richer than Iraq it's ridiculous.

    Anyway, they explain the importance of the Congo which we all must learn:

    I'm frightened when even Black people are being used to justify these agendas to break African people and steal African wealth. It's scary. Even Nigeria is in bed with these European-led initiatives to recolonize and militarily dominate Africa.

    It really makes one realize how far Black people have fallen. I hope one day things will change, though I'm not holding my grace.


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