Thursday, March 22, 2012

+Nosh w/ Nik+...Man Pleasing Chicken

Okay first off, I kind of take issue with the name of this chicken dish that I'm about to share with you guys...because hey, I think it's lady pleasing as well--and if it doesn't please this lady, the man of the house won't even get to try it. lol  So....

Pinterest does it again, ya'll.  Saw this lovely picture of a chicken dish on Pinterest and immediately clicked on it so that I could take a look at the the recipe, original website, etc. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the recipe was like REALLY simple.  Plus, it involved ingredients that I always have on hand: dijon mustard, syrup, and rice vinegar.  So I already knew that I would try this recipe this week.

Mine, fresh out of the oven:

My tips & mods are as follows:

- I used a pack of chicken thighs that had 8 thighs instead of 6.  The sauce was still enough.

- Line your baking dish with foil.  The burned sauce around the edges (inevitable) is hell to clean off.

- I didn't have REAL maple syrup on hand.  When in the grocery and saw how expensive it is--I said funk that!  I used regular pancake syrup instead.

- In the write-up, she says to use "rice wine" vinegar.  My vinegar just says "rice vinegar".  Not sure if there is a difference, but am happy with how mine turned out.

- As you will see in the pics, I topped mine with a little bit of chopped green onion

All I can tell you that we LOVED this dish!!!  I put the chicken over brown rice and served with a side of steamed broccoli.  We had to force ourselves not to eat more, just so that we could have leftovers the next day!  Don't be afraid of the mustard--it doesn't turn out with a mustard-y flavor.  It just ends up with this savory flavor that I can't explain.

Also, I read most of the 100+ comments on this dish on the blog that this was posted and some people used chicken breasts, pork chops, etc.  It's very versatile.  Some did not like the recipe at all and complained that theirs turned out grainy, didn't like the taste, etc.  I will say, that I didn't use any special ingredients.  My dijon mustard was the store brand, and again, I used regular syrup.  About twice while it was cooking, I flipped the chicken and kind of stirred the sauce in-between the pieces of chicken because it does separate a bit.  I also finished it off on broil, so that I could get a darker color on it somewhat like the original picture.

This will definitely be added to the rotation.  Nik approved!!

Click here for full right up and recipe:  Man Pleasing Chicken Recipe


I read and appreciate all comments & questions!

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