Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pashmina Luv

My neighborhood is so beautiful this time of year.  Colorful trees all around leaving their mark with all of the leaves on the ground.  I decided to take a few pics of what I'm wearing.  Sometimes I wear my scarves as part of my outfit, instead of as an accessory to my outfit. It's kind of like turning a pashmina into a vest.  Vest-mina anyone?

Old Navy shirt
F21 pashmina-esque scarf
vintage belt
UO jeans
Target booties


  1. I love it Nik. Is this the same hair style from the previous past?
    It looks great.

  2. You look beautiful here, love the colors in that scarf!

  3. Gorgeous Nik! Definitely gonna wear my scarf like this a little more from now. Just gotta find a cute belt. You gotta pin this or something! :-)

  4. Thx ladies!

    D--it's definitely a nice alternative way to wear a nice long scarf!

  5. So I was already dressed for my day, But i totally love what you are wearing and im totally re-creating on myself. hahaha.

  6. I love this idea! And the colors in it are so beautiful!

  7. I never thought to wear it like this! I love it, nonetheless!!!!

  8. I've worn my scarf like this before. I hadn't seen anyone else do it until now :p

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