Monday, November 14, 2011

Fab Mom: Style Inspiration

I was skimming through past posts of mine and realized that pretty much all of my "style inspiration" posts where I'm highlighting a celebrity or public figure's style, were all women with child(ren).  So I've decided to purposely make a "fab mom" style inspiration post weekly.  Just to show and prove that being a mom does not have to hinder anyone's ability to look great or be an inspiration to other mom's or even childless ladies.  I hope to feature some real life mom's and of course, celebrity style as well.

First up:  Jennifer Lopez.  This dress KILLS.  It's okay to still show some leg ladies (well in her case, a LOT of leg), even after having babies.

If anyone happens to catch a knock-off of this, let a girl know!

J.Lo in Argentina last week.


  1. Damnnnnnnnnn! I'm going to do my exercise right now.

  2. seriously, talk about motivation to get on a treadmill! loving her shoes too!

  3. Great idea! I look at moms like J Lo, Halle and even Nia Long who are 40 plus and look so amazing and I'm definitely inspired. I need those reminders to nudge me when I don't feel like working out.

  4. I kept looking at the shoes! So we are talking about weight?
    I only need to loose a few pounds around my belly. Mommy of Two.


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