Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hair Babble: Instead of French Braids, French Twists?

So as you've seen in a previous post, one of my quick go-to styles is when I put my hair into two french braids and wear that a couple days (from laziness and also allowing it to airdry), but then ultimately taking them down to wear a loose, fluffy braidout.  Well, I decided to try out this same formula with two big flat twists instead of braids.  I did this (1) because it's a bit quicker and less hair tangling while putting them in--working with 2 pieces vs 3 pieces with a braid is significant, (2) because twists don't hold as tightly as a braid, they dry faster, and (3) and due to #2 just mentioned, they shrink up more, which will give me a bigger/fuller style.

Now with these big twists, they will not reform your curl like a braidout would--or twists done on smaller sections of hair.  This will more than likely just elongate and stretch your existing curl pattern.

Twists just put in on wet hair.

I put in the twists after dousing my hair in coconut oil, once sectioned I applied the Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk and then twisted.  Do you notice in the middle picture that my edges have thinned slightly at the temples?  Yea, that's from postpartum shedding.  Another "perk" (sarcasm) of pregnancy that they don't warn us about!  I experienced it with my first son, and it grows back. I may do a whole post on it. lol

See the shrinkage?

This is how I wear it out of the house while running errands.  Just throw a hat over it.  [I run army green into the ground, as you can see.]  I'm also not opposed to wearing the style without the hat.  It just depends on how neat I am able to get the flat twists each particular time.  I don't, however, stress over getting them super neat.

Final result
Verdict is in--I can live with this.  It took me all of 5 minutes to put the twists in, only a day to air dry and I basically have a stretched glorified wash-n-go.  Because it is stretched--it will last me longer than a wash-n-go, so it is definitely worth the 5-10 prep.  Also, as I'm typing this, my hair has fluffed out more and I like it even more.  I rushed and took this pic immediately after I took it down.  So, yea, when I'm tired of walking around in a bun--I will just do this.  Because it is stretched hair, I am able to pull it up into a bun or ponytail easily as well! 

Take care!



  1. I love this! I may need to do 4 braids with my length. Anyway, I'd love for you to do a post on pp shedding. My temples are EXTREMELY thin and I don't know what to do. I cut off 2" bc I thought it was too long (between apl & bsl) with thin edges. I cont'd to rock ponytails when I shouldn't have bc of time and now I'm completely screwed. Please do a post on what you did!

  2. excellent way of curling your hair! The final result is fabulous!


  3. I may try this over the weekend. My hair has been shedding around the edges. Most people don't notice it but it's really bothering me because I can't figure out why it's happening.(It's not postpartum shedding. No babies here.) Any ideas? My husband thinkis it's stress, but I'm not sure if that really cause hair loss or if that's just a myth.

  4. D--I will do a post on it soon. Unfortunately, I don't have any magical tricks, but I do have some little tidbits of advice for dealing with it.

    Thx Mongs!

    J--I know for a fact that stress can make hair shed/fall out. It happened to a friend of mine. Have you been really stressed lately? Also, could be due to some kind of vitamin deficiency as well (don't ask me what vitamin. lol). My guess is your hubby could be on to something...

  5. Your hair turned out beautifully Nik! I will have to try these out one day.

  6. It looks fan-tas-tic! I will definitely be trying this on wash day. Also may I ask why you put the coconut oil on first most people would put it on after to seal, just wondering. Thank you

  7. Thx again!

    I put coconut oil on first because it is one of the few oils that can penetrate the hair shaft, thus not making it a great "sealing" oil anyway, so I see it as more of a moisturizer.

  8. You are too fly for me. LOL! I love it. Gimme those shades. LOL

  9. AMAZING idea! so simple and it looks lovely while setting and once released! definitely will be doing this soon!

  10. Those twists are so juicy! lol

  11. I've been very stressed lately so maybe hubs is right...

  12. I have NO luck with twists! Yours are so lovely though.


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