Saturday, October 29, 2011

Date Night Snaps

What is it with us and desserts?!

Me and the hubs had a quick little "date night" last night while my father-in-law visiting from the Bahamas is here.  We only stepped out for a couple hours to share a chill moment with each other and to be able to have an uninterrupted conversation (which is scarce, thanks to a 2.5 yr old).  We went to one of my favorite restaurant/lounges here in Atlanta called Apres Diem.  They are (surprise surprise) owned by the same people that own Carpe Diem, the place I posted about previously.  Whereas, Carpe is more of a real restaurant in the traditional sense--Apres has a more "lounge-y" feel, i.e. lights a little dimmer, DJ spinning, couches, candles, etc. Anyway, nothing spectacular--just a few quick snaps.  I had a raspberry tart martini (or two), and we shared a slice of pumpkin cheesecake. It didn't disappoint!

The selection.

The ambiance.

The pumpkin cheesecake.

The martini and the wash-n-go hair. ;)

Oh yea, so this is Halloween weekend!  So what are you all going to dress up as?  Are you dressing up?  My friends and I are all set to go, and I plan on having a good time at a Halloween party tonight.  As you can tell from a previous Halloween post, we like to dress up and partayyy.  Hopefully, I'm not having too much fun that I forget to take pics.  Stay tuned!



  1. looks like a fab date night! loving your hair!

    have a great time tonight! not dressing up this year, i'm lame, hehe.

  2. Your hair is gorgeous! Some times quick dates are the best just to rekindle the flame. I am helping to put on a Light Night celebration at my church and I will be Princess Peach and my son is going to be Toad. These are characters from Mario Kart.

  3. Thanks y'all!!

    Tianna--that sounds real nice!

  4. That place looks like a really cool spot to chill with your luvie! You both make a very good looking couple!

  5. Hands, down Apre's Diem is one of my FAVE spots to go with the hubs and chillax!


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