Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  Hope you guys are doing something fun today.  This actual Halloween day, I'm letting it be all about the kiddos.  Hubs and I plan to take my 2.5 yr old trick or treating through our neighborhood this evening.  MY Halloween was Saturday night.  I had a blast as usual and here are a "few" snaps. I saw so many creative/clever costumes!  I'm already contemplating what I will be next year. Oh, and my costume is a Hindu temple dancer. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a Bollywood fanatic?

(Click to enlarge picture)


  1. loved your costume! I was actually there and saw you and your sister from far away but, it was SO crowded I couldn't make my way over to you.

  2. Love your costume! I had that little red riding hood costume lol.

  3. Ooo! Looks like y'all had a ball! I hope this will be us next year! Your costume is too fab along with those abs!

  4. I'm mad you look that good after having 2 children.. LOL you look fab hun

  5. Did you make your costume? You look so cute and I too am a big foreign movie fan which includes Indian films but not so much Bollywood. The music tends to be too much for me.


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