Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nik's Favorite Things Vol. 2

This post should probably be called the "Trader Joe's" Edition. lol

Assorted suede wedge booties.

Trader Joe's tasty (and cheap) wines from around the world.

Soooo delicious on toast. I use it on "fiber & flaxseed bread" for a healthy twist.

Brotherly love. <3


  1. Ugh! Those boys are just too freaking cute! Can't stand it! :-)
    Just wail til your lil guy is crawling...then your big guy will start snatching toys every 5 secs. Story of my life right now. He kisses him, plays "crawl and seek" then snatches a toy all the same time. Wtf!

    I can't believe you got those shoes from there! So cute! Great finds!
    How's that pumpkin butter?

  2. I can imagine! Max doesn't even want to share any of his old stuffed animals with the baby, and he doesn't even play with them! lol

    Oh, and the shoes AREN'T from Trader Joe's. lol If they sold shoes--I'd never leave!

    The pumpkin butter is good. It's similar to apple butter.

  3. Beautiful babies and awesome blog. I'm having great fun viewing your post. Please stop by and check me out and let me know what you think. Thanks

  4. okay, those are some seriously cute babies!

  5. Loves it Nik! I am sooo mad that I have not tried tj's wine!! hmph I will now :D..I want to get a pair of suede wedges they are so fun :) and the boys are so darn adorable, God bless you and the fam!

  6. Awww adorable little guys. I've never tried their pumpkin butter and I also need to check out the wine aisle I see.


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