Friday, May 9, 2014

Yay for Fridays!

...well, First Fridays, that is.  I figured it's fitting that I publish this post on a Friday since it's about "First Fridays" in Kansas City.  Here in KC, the first Friday of the month is all about the art walk in the Crossroads Art District in downtown KC.  The area is made-up of art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, creative businesses (i.e. architects, marketing firms, etc.)--you name it.  On a first Friday, these businesses, especially the galleries, open their doors showcasing their latest installments.  If you're lucky, you'll score some free wine too! There are also tons of street vendors of handmade items like jewelry, pottery, art, etc.   Oh, and you can't forget the plethora of street performers and live bands who just set up shop in parking lots, alley ways, etc.  It's like everyone is out to showcase their "talent"--whatever it may be.  It's an amazing, quirky atmosphere, or what I like to call "a hipter's wet dream". 


I'm so happy that spring/summer is here, which makes outdoor events like this doable for me here in the Midwest!  I hear KC has tons of outdoor festivals this time of year, as well, and I look forward to showcasing all the happenings here on my blog.

Have a great weekend!

P.S. I'll leave you with a little music...


  1. This looks really fun! I love how good you are at taking advantage of all of the opportunities in your backyard. :)

    1. Thank you!! Making the best with what I've got is all I'm trying to do!

  2. So cool!

    The "scary art" looks pretty awesome. You guys have the best activities!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

    1. Thank you!! Life is what you make it, and I believe it's the same for cities! lol Just trying to enjoy life where ever I'm at!

  3. I live for Fridays in the Spring and Summer. Out here in Louisiana, we have what's called Live After Five which is similar to your event here. There is always something interesting to see and hear.


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