Monday, May 5, 2014


Jumpsuit - c/o Swaye Boutique // Shoes - Forever 21 // Sunglass - Random boutique in Nassau

So, I'm currently obsessing over this jumpsuit from Swaye Boutique.  First off, I'm totally not one of those people who loves to wear black, or black-and-white often.  I'm a color girl, give me something bright!

Well, the styling of this jumpsuit and the pattern has definitely made a "bright" out of this monochrome look.  I put it on and felt like I was glowing!  

I also don't wear a lot of "sex kitten" looks, which I now feel I need start exploring more.  The slinky material, coupled with the skin factor (front & back) had me feeling like a VAMP.  I also, usually avoid low cut clothes, because I really don't have much to show off (one time for my fellow A-cups!).  However, I love how this jumpsuit is low cut, yet it makes me feel sophisticated and not just provocative.

All this to say...I think I need to take this number down to Miami.  I can picture myself drinking mojitos at some swanky spot outside in the tropical breeze.  

I guess my backyard patio will have to do for now. Ah well...

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  1. You look absolutely gorgeous :)
    Have a lovely week hugs Beata

  2. the jumpsuit is too cute, perfect for spring!

  3. That is soooooo freaking cute!

  4. This looks gorgeous on you!

    Thrift and Shout

  5. Hubs will be happy with you on his arm! #ShesABadMammaJamma

  6. Soooo Cute! Love the jumpsuit 😘

  7. Omg! I'm living for this hot jumpsuit!!


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