Friday, June 14, 2013

Butter Me Up

Hey guys, I was actually wanting to put up an outfit post today, but a case of the "lazies" got me again.  Instead, just thought I'd do a quick review.

I was in Trader Joe's the other day and while at the checkout counter, I saw this sitting on a shelf.  Hey, the sign said $4.99, so I thought "why not?".  I am a body butter lover, but as many know, all body butters are not created equal.  I usually stick to The Body Shop body butters, but they are quite pricey.

I'm telling you...this is just the same as The Body Shop's coconut body butter.  I kid you not!!  It's wonderful, heavy yet light, and the smell is divine!  And for 5 bucks, I say!!!!  I'm going back to get more today actually.  You never really know what items will stick around at TJ's, so I say go get'em while they're hot.



  1. i was gonna stop pst trader joes later on today..i might have to look for this body butter and try it out myself!

  2. i LOOOOVE trader joe's! i wish i had one right down the street like i did in dc.
    i'm happy with my current grocery set-up but i definitely miss the low prices and smiling faces and amazing food/products!


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