Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hair Babble: Update!

So for the past few months, I've been slowly taking inches off of my hair.  I've been pretty unhappy with my hair (a) because the detangling was just getting too hard to manage, (b) whenever I wore curly styles I just felt like it was too much hair and hated that I could feel it "touching" me, and (c) when straight it just felt pretty boring.

Welllll, I eventually made one last trim and am now (what the hair boards call) APL (arm-pit length).  I am so happy!  I feel like I have new hair!  It looks thicker, has lots of body when straight--and curly it's right above my shoulders and is no longer touching me!  Detangling is snap too.  It's amazing the difference 4-5 inches can make.  Oh, and when I put my hair in a ponytail--my puff looks a little more like a real "puff".  So for now, I am happy. :)

This is the length straight--shortly after I'd cut it.  For reference, my hair use to cover the boobies.

This shows the length curly:

I'm happy about the curly "bob" look!  Who knows, maybe I'll let it grow back as the weather gets cooler in the Fall, for now I'm sticking with this!  Anyway, have a great week!


  1. Jinx! I was just readying a hair update post. Love the length; I guess I can't help but to since mine is about the same now. Detangling is a breeze, but I must admit I miss me length. I'm growing it back out.

  2. Yes, you need to do a hair update! Because I have hair A.D.D., I can forsee letting mine grow back out, but not until it stops feeling like hell outside. lol

  3. It still looks good but why didnt you curl or do different styles when it was straight so that it wasn't so boring?

  4. Love it Nik!

    it does looks more full and has alot more curl for sure

    I'm definitley contemplating cutting mine when I get into the 4-0 lol hair longer than BSL is definitley a partime job...Im going to discuss more in a post soon.

    p.s so jealous of your hellish weather. Vancouver...worst Summer in 30years 1 week its summer the next its like late fall GRRRR lol

    much love sis!

  5. THx Zhara--I look forward to reading your post!

    Cali--I did different styles when it was curly as far as pin-ups, etc. My hair when flat ironed straight, however, won't hold a curl almost at all--so that didn't work. I still found the length somewhat hindering with other styles.

  6. Love the curls. It looks very nice.

  7. Love the new cut! You look gorgeous!
    Is your hair completely blunt now?
    I especially love that red striped top!

  8. you are a beauty short hair longhair doesn't of these days I'm going to make an acct so I'm not "anonymous" lol anyway my question is how do you get your trims so even since you self trim?

  9. I love you hair Nik! Please post an updated product list regimen!

  10. I love it like this but probably because that is my goal length hair when curly for myself. I think changing hair up is fun but my 4-5" chop still hasn't recovered. I keep cutting due to the split ends that occurred when I only doing wng's.


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