Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: Vol. 1

Hey gals (and guys, maybe)!  Hope you guys had a great weekend.  I'd happened to go thrifting with one of my girlfriends on Saturday and thought I'd share some of my favorite finds.  Every time I hit up my local Goodwill or Salvation Army, I always walk out with some really good stuff, which leaves me thinking "why don't I come here more often???".  So I've decided to get back to thrifting more often and will share my finds with you all.

First up, I snagged this tea cup & saucers set.  I'm assuming they're vintage.  I love the mint green color and the angel fish imprint.  Come on, who doesn't love angel fish?

Second, I found this awesome, awesome, awesome ethnic print wrap skirt.  It has a nice A-line shape and it reaches all the way to the floor (depending on how low slung I wear it).  Not only is the print awesome--it has pockets!  So chic.  I'm just giving you a sneak peak because I plan to do an outfit post showcasing it soon.

 And last, I was on the search for a pair of baggy Levi jeans that I thought I'd cut into "boyfriend shorts".  I ran across these and I love them so much, that I wouldn't even think of taking any scissors to them.  So I guess I have a new pair of boyfriend JEANS.

The tea cups cost me 5 bucks, the skirt was $6, and the jeans were $7.  I also bought an Indian tunic and another pair of jeans (J.Crew brand).  All in all, my "Goodwill hunting" was a total success.  Can't wait until my next excursion!

Happy hump day!


  1. great finds!! I never have that much luck when I go thrifting. lol

  2. I love thrifting--I found some really cute $1 dresses over the weekend.

    That tea cup set is too cute--I hardly look through anything other than clothes while thrifting but I think I'm going to check out housewares next time I go.

  3. *Good job on the finds* My mom & I use to go yard sale every saturday & I would really find some great stuff at a steal.

  4. You found some great things,i JUST finished up another goodwill hunting video myself. Don't ya just looove thrifting :-)

  5. You did real good. I like everything you've shared just please tell me baggy jeans aren't coming back in style? You're the second person I've seen rocking a pair? I can't keep up with the trends but baggy jeans never flattered my body :(

  6. These are some great finds. You have a good eye. I see stuff hanging on racks or folded in stacks and it's hard for me to imagine how it would work with something else. I look at the store mannequins to decide what goes with what. Too bad they don't have Garanimals for adults. Maybe you're not old enough to remember those. LOL

  7. Can I post the pic (1st pic) that u had on strawberricurls blog on my FACEBOOK page (within my album titled: Afrocentric Hair Inspiration?)

  8. ^^^Not sure what picture you're talking about, but sure.

    I'm glad you all approve of my finds!

    Splendor--the baggy "boyfriend" jeans trend has been out for a little while now. It's an alternative look, skinnies still reign supreme!

  9. very cute finds! i looooooove thrifting!

  10. Funny....I was just telling my friend we need to start going to the thrift shops after stopping over my aunts house and she had the most amazing bedroom set ever. I asked where did you find this at and I know it set you back a pretty penny her response was something you dont know about and it cost 125.00 I was in AWE...LOVE THE DISHES


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