Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Workout Philosophy

I get a lot of questions about my workout regimen (and diet, but that will be another post).  Really, my workout routine is not very intricate at all.  I am a simple girl...and that translates to pretty much everything going on in my world.

One thing I have learned overtime is that no matter how intricate your workouts, no matter what type of workouts you're doing--if you're not CONSISTENT, it simply is not going to work.  In my experience, the only thing that helps me to stay consistent, is to keep my workouts as "enjoyable" as possible.  For someone that may mean jumping on a treadmill and powerwalking while watching one of their favorite television shows, or taking a bike ride in their favorite area.  For me, I love being outside--so I run or walk outside at my favorite parks or through my neighborhood.  Now the intensity of my workouts change all the time.  Remember, I said keep it enjoyable.  If in your head working out only means running 3 miles, well, on the day that you want or think you should workout and you're dreading that run or don't feel up to it--you're probably simply going to just forgo it all together.  Trust me, I'm a runner and I KNOW that your heart has to be in it or you're not going to do it.  Well, if you instead just think "workout" and not a particular type of workout--and just do something that can be somewhat enjoyable, then do that.  You gotta realize, a person who gets out and powerwalks to their favorite music 4 times a week, is probably going to see more results than the person who gets out there and runs, but can only find the motivation to do it once or twice a week.  Consistency is the key! So, I usually get outside with the mindset that I'm going to powerwalk, and during that time when I'm feeling motivated to kick it up a notch (and you will have those moments the more you do it) I break out into a jog.  And I jog for as long as it's enjoyable (which could mean I'm feeling proud of myself), and the minute it starts to physically or mentally become a chore, I switch back to a walk.  The point is, I got out there...I maybe even pushed myself a bit, but I didn't put such a high expectation on myself that if I fell short, I felt discouraged, because THAT is what makes a person not stick to it.

So my current regimen at the moment:

During the spring/summer, you will probably never find me in anyone's gym.  I love warm weather.  I love being outside.  I love wheeling my spawn around in the double-jog stroller outside.  A lot of times, I like to kill two birds with one stone.  My walk/jog around the park, ends with us stopping at the playground for some playtime fun for the kids.  So I was a good mommy, AND good to my body.  Plus, I have this theory that just being in the sun burns calories--but don't quote me on that. haha Oh, and I do this aoubt 3-4 times a week.

Anyway, at this point in time, I've kicked it up a notch to jogging/running straight with no walking for 20 minutes.  I say "kicked it up" because during the winter--I don't really run, and if I do it's a run/walk (alternating between the two) and here's why...  In the winter, I'm forced to workout in the gym because of the weather.  So for cardio, I may get on the elliptical, or the stationary bike, or even the treadmill.  Have I ever mentioned, I HATE THE TREADMILL.  Running for me requires a certain mental focus that I can't really get to on the treadmill.  It's so redundant and BORING.  But powerwalking on the treadmill is okay and can even be somewhat enjoyable when listening to my favorite tunes.  So in the winter while using the treadmill, I usually will only powerwalk.  To increase the workout intensity, though, I always put the treadmill on an incline.  That's my way of making up for not jogging.  Also, because I'm in the gym, I will also weight train a bit using various machines.  I may do arms one day, back and chest another, and legs on another day.  So during the winter is really the only time that I lift weights.  During the spring/summer after my runs or walks, I may hit the ground and do a few push-ups to make myself feel better. Depending on what park I'm at here in Atlanta, I also run stairs--which is killer!  I think it's fun, though, and it's an EXCELLENT workout for your legs and bootay. ;)

So that's it.  I think the reason that I stay the size that I'm at and the reason that I don't have work that hard to maintain it is because I'm consistent.  No matter how it may change as far as what I do--I STILL workout regularly all year around and this has gone on for YEARS.  Your body is like a machine--consistency in how you workout and eat keeps your body (i.e. metabolism)  running at a certain level.  Your body fights to maintain that.  So if you hardly ever workout (or eat fairly healthy) where ever your body is at from that--your body will fight to maintain that...the weight and the fat.  That's why in the beginning of starting a workout or diet regimen, it doesn't seem to work for a while--but in my opinion, that's because your body is fighting it in the beginning, but it's consistency that eventually wins and gets your body to modify itself.  So my body is running at a certain level, a pretty efficient level I'm proud to say. :)  And that is why I can eat pretty much anything I want or fall off on my workout for a week or two and see no changes, because my body is working at maintaining where it's been, and as long as I get back on it in a reasonable time--it won't stop working at that level.

So for all of you, I say find something that you find somewhat enjoyable and STICK TO IT.  Make it as much a part of your life, brushing your teeth.  And stop expecting to see some extreme change because you only stuck to it for only 3 months.  It may take longer than that for your body to start operating at a more efficient level.  Just stick to it and do it for the joy of knowing that you're taking care of your body!!

Feel free to ask me anymore workout related questions!


  1. you look fit and fabulous girl! I wish I am so disciplined! Just look at those toned legs of yours! Thanks for sharing those tips.


  2. While I am so jealous of your fabulous post-two-babies body, this post is so dang inspiring. It is a reminder that being fit is a lifestyle. It gave me the motivation to make sure I make up that workout I missed today when I get home tonight. My body is not whack (it's not like yours either), but it doesn't let me slack off like it used too.

  3. Nice post! Thanks for the reminder. Being and maintaining fitness is truly a lifestyle!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. When you work out in the gym what type of leg exercises do you do? Presses, lunges, squats etc. Do you do light, moderate or heavy weight? Low or high reps per set? I'm thinking you're more into toning--not bulking up-- so I'm guessing you do high reps with relatively light weight?

  5. Thanks for sharing this. When you work out in the gym what type of leg exercises do you do? Presses, lunges, squats etc. Do you do light, moderate or heavy weight? Low or high reps per set? I'm thinking you're more into toning--not bulking up-- so I'm guessing you do high reps with relatively light weight?

  6. You look GREAT Nik - consistency is key. Funny thing is, I haven't been able to "work out" like I'd like to, but I walk 2 miles/day 5 days/week on my commute - and that's proving to be a decent activity level. I could use some toning though ;)

  7. I'm so glad that you all like / can relate/ or are inspired by this post! Consistency is the biggest factor of all!

    As for weight lifting. I always do 3 sets of 12 reps. I make sure whatever weight I use, by that last set, I can BARELY get through it. Don't worry about "bulking up"--in actuality it is REALLY hard for a woman to over build. Like I said, I don't really weight train in the summer, but if you're someone who only does cardio and have begun to plateau in your weightloss--definitely start lifting weights. It really does raise your metabolic rate! You'll find that you can eat and eat and eat!!

  8. Oh and I use the machines for my legs, the hamstring press, squats, the one for the front leg muscles and calves. That's it! I'm very simple!

  9. Get it get it get it!!!! This is so inspirational!
    I'm little and always will be but I'm having such a hard time getting my stomach muscles back. I haven't been consistent in working out since I got pregnant with my 2nd. I need to retrain my body and not give up so easily. :(


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