Monday, April 16, 2012

A Black & Cream Sunday

This past Sunday, I had a brunch date with one of the besties.  We decided to hit up this little Mexican spot in a cool part of town not too far from where we live.  The place is called "Across the Street" and it didn't hurt that it happened to be on ScoutMob.  Always trying to save a buck!  Anyway, this was what I wore...

 Tank - TJ Maxx
Skirt - NY & Co.
Sandals - DSW

Flowy "gypsy" skirts (sometimes called "circle skirts") are a big staple for me during the spring/summer.  I have quite an assortment in several colors/prints and lengths.  I think they look so cute and girly and are just so easy to throw on with a tank: an instant, but simple pulled together look with a slight bohemian vibe.

Anyway, we both had chimichangas and "grown-up drinks" as our waiter called them.  I had a spicy margarita, which is basically a regular margarita made with tequila infused with some type of chile.  It was quite delicious, and I liked that hint of spice!  Oh, and we got serenaded by a guy on a trumpet.  How random.

Hope you guys had an enjoyable weekend and are ready to face the week ahead!


  1. Love the outfit! I've been to Across the Street before and I really liked their food>

  2. Okay seriously, you Have Got To start a side blog telling all the rest of us exactly what you eat, and how much and how much you exercise! Isn't your baby only 6 or 7 months old?!? You look amazing. Maybe it's something in that Atlanta water....

    Life in a Shoe

  3. Candice--yea, I think I like the location and vibe most of all!

    Anon--I have some "Keep It Tight" posts in the works. Talking more about my diet and workout habits. Stay tuned!

  4. I love your friend's hair! And, girl, you are too cute with your slim/fit self.

  5. You look fab and love your outfit! I'm with Anon...please share more of your workout secrets and how do you stay so motivated with two kids. Love your blog!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to hear your tips on your fitness and diet combo cause I would NEVER believe you have two kids! BTW...I tried the recipe with the dijon mustard, vinegar, and syrup ( substituted maple for regular cause maple is ridic) and i LOVED it so much I made it back to back! Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. What a cute skirt! The length and pattern are perfect.

  8. Hi Nik,

    Can you share the brand of your black flat sandals? They are super cute :)

    Thanks in advance

  9. The flats I got from either TJ Maxx or Marshalls a couple years ago. The brand is "Stermax & Co"?


I read and appreciate all comments & questions!

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