Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Places: "Do" (as in pizza "dough")

 This past weekend, I'd happened to attend an event at this new restaurant/lounge spot here in Atlanta called "Do".  It was a Heineken Light promotional event and I thought "Free food, free drinks...why not?".  To make a long story short, it is quite an interesting place.  You don't order off of menus here.  No sir.  Instead, the menus at this establishment are iPads and iPod Touches.  Also, if you are an iPhone owner, you can also jump onto their WiFi, connect to the music system and request songs and videos that you want played.  I said "videos" because there are music videos being projected all over the walls.  So yes, it is a cute little space age-y kind of spot, complete with modern decor, all white furniture and a bar that glows.  Even the bathroom is space aged, complete with iPads as mirrors and door that slides open and shut like a spaceship.  You can take pics of yourself in the bathroom with the iPad "mirror" and even email them to yourself.  I have to be honest, I'd be a little nervous about actually USING the bathroom knowing there is an iPad glued to the wall.  That's just a voyeuristic situation waiting to happen. haha

Oh yea, the food was pretty good too. ;^)  If you're in ATL--check it out.



Nice couches--see the iPad?

iPad bathroom "mirror"--let me demonstrate. haha

Another interior shot

Bathroom photoshoot

The homies

For more info (menu, address, etc.) Go here:


  1. Very trendy and cute braid :). I agree with the bathroom situation. I'd have to hold it.

  2. love your hair! and this place looks like fun! what a cool/different vibe and atmosphere.

  3. Ummm...looks kinda pricey, but at least you gals where there on promo!lol! BTW, Nik you look fab of course!

  4. I love your friend in the green shirt's hair! Mine looks similar with my shrinkage but my pattern in the front is tooooo loose. My crown and back look like that. I think I'm saying screw these protective styles for a while.....(too many hair fails lately) and rolling with wash 'n go's.

    That place sounds the bomb but I don't know about using the bathrooms there either, lol.


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