Sunday, June 5, 2011

Straight hair, don’t care. It’s all still natural hair.


  1. I saw your videos on youtube when you had cutter comb I was wondering where the House is of course a handle and I found one of those in a shop but had a black handle, but it was black but when u bought was the black handle Association which are in it was black which want to know:)

  2. Exactly! I couldn't agree more. Either way, it's your hair that grows from your scalp! It looks beautiful both ways.

  3. Fabulous hair. How do you keep it from getting frizzy in the hot and humid Southern climate?

  4. Thanks again ladies!

    Jay--I apply a dab of coconut oil daily (the hair absorbs it so it never feels greasy) and make sure to twist it up in one big bantu knot bun when I'm not out and about--this keeps it's smooth and straight (with large waves). When I do go out and gets a bit fuzzy, all I have to do is put it back up like that for a while and it's pretty smooth again.

    Even though it's been scorching hot here in ATL recently, the humidity has been fairly low. When the humidity gets high--I'd more than likely not take it down and wear it in some kind of updo or bun. HTH

  5. That helps very much so. Thanks! It might be a bit more humid here in New Orleans, but I can't wait to give that a try.

  6. Your hair is gorgeous! This post inspired the latest entry to my blog. I gave you a shout out!


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