Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bargain Bashment

Yesterday, me and the kid happened to go to Target.  We were going to pick up my son's very first pairs of big boy undies.  Yes, potty training has commenced.  Anyway, as always, the first thing I do when I enter Target is check out that little $1/Clearance section that is usually right in front as you walk in.  I love cheap little nicknacks.  Plus, the kid always gets a little dollar toy for himself.  I happened to see they had a bunch of colorful shades for 2 bucks.  I thought they were pretty cute, so I grabbed a white pair for my son.  After getting home and upon inspection, the label on them said "Adult Sunglasses".  In the store, I'd thought they looked rather small and were for kids.  Sooooo, I tried them on and you know what--they looked pretty damn good on me!  Now I wish I'd grabbed a yellow pair too.

Feeling fly in my 2 dollar shades. What?!



  1. Very 50ish, Happy Days Spin.

  2. Hey Nik! Have you considered adding a skin care section to your blog? Your skin is always even, clear and oil free. Enjoying the blog.


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