Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rollerset on Natural Hair

Since I've decided to leave the flat iron alone for the rest of the winter, I decided to rollerset my hair yesterday. I used the jumbo snap-on purple magnetic rollers. Once I took the rollers out, I combed my hair out and put my hair in a bun (one big bantu knot) at the top of my head. I tied a scarf around my head to help the roots flatten overnight and this is how it turned out. Oh, and the only products used was CO (maybe a bit too much haha ), Salerm 21, and some kind of wrap foam (in place of setting lotion). I think I will do this from now on to get straight-er hair while it's still nice and cool outside.



  1. Aww, you're gorgeous! Love, Love, Love your hair.

    The last time my hair was straightened was right before Thanksgiving. For the most part, my hair is still straight and I don't need to do much to it. I typically separate my hair in 2-4 bantu knots and I LOVE the effect of the wavy/loose curls that they create. It's a protective style that lasts a very long time, especially during the winter months.

  2. beautiful as always! I'm going to revisit rollersets but I'm not so sure my hair will look this good. LOL!

  3. pretty! my hair is not as cute out of a roller set though :-)these roots look rough :-( Maybe just needs more practice

  4. Gorgeous! I love the results. I want to try a rollerset, I did in the summer and that didnt turn out too well, so I think the brutal cold here in NY will help it last longer lol

  5. I definitely have a hair crush! Your hair always looks so beautiful and healthy. Thanks for the tips...keep them coming!

  6. Super crazy beautiful, Nik!

    Naturals would be really surprised by the results of setting. I wear the curls one day, the next night I use a scarf that leaves my ponytail free and I wrap the length (in sections) around my head, faux wrap style and my hair gets sooo straight. Even the roots! My mother even said w/glee one time "oohhh, you straightened your hair!". Sorry, Charlie. LOL.

  7. Omg! Beautiful and so simple! (or so it seems lol). PLEASE do a video tutoria (or even just a step by step post here)l!! my hair is getting to be very very long again so there's A LOT of it. I'm in grad school and would love a different option for a straighter look besides a flat iron/press since that is nearly an all day process. Thanks for sharing...

  8. your hair is really beautiful!!

    xx, Sabinna and David


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