Sunday, January 16, 2011

Preggy Update!

I'm officially 14 weeks pregnant and am in my 2nd trimester!!  Woohoo!  So during the 2nd trimester, morning sickness should disappear and I should begin to regain my energy.  So hopefully, this means more posts and videos to come!  Here are a couple pics of my "progress":

10 weeks pregnant

14 weeks pregnant

Can you see the difference?  I definitely can.

Also, because of my pregnancy, I trying to be more careful about what I put in and on my body.  So, instead of using commercial hair dyes--I've decided to henna and indigo my hair this week.  I have henna'd in the past, but this will be my first time using indigo.  I'll will definitely document the process and do a post on it.  After I finish with the henna + indigo process, I will more than likely rollerset.  This time I will record that process as well and post a tutorial.  I look forward to shiny black hair with no harsh chemicals!

Since I already happened to have henna on hand, I went ahead and did that last night.  I'm expecting my indigo to arrive this week and will follow up with that step when I get it.  For now, here are pics of my henna'd hair.  You can kind of see the reddish tint.  Hmmm, maybe I'll keep it like this for another month and just indigo next month.  Because of how great my hair feels after doing this henna treatment--I've decided to do a treatment once ever 1-2 months.  Here are the pics:



  1. AWWW... you look adorable with your little baby bump!!!!

  2. Wow, lady looking great at 14 weeks. Great your eating healthy. I'm looking forward to seeing how the indigo turns out. Happy New Year. Cheers to getting your energy back.

  3. awww How awesome! I can't wait to see
    more pregnancy pictures, especially hairstyles and outfits for the Spring and Summer season. Congrats!

  4. I'm proud of you!
    But, how old are you?


  5. Thank you everyone!

    AnnA--I'm a 30-something. ;)

  6. Just wondering... why do you couple the henna w/the indigo? Do you get some different effect if you layer the red henna under the indigo?

    You seem to like change and the one thing that has kept me away from henna has been a few horror stories about getting your hair to lift after the fact w/bottle color. Any experience? I'm just afraid I'll get sick of that red, lol.

    Congrats on #2!

  7. I'm doing the indigo, because I want black hair. You need the henna because one, it's what the indigo binds to, and secondly, indigo actually dyes blue, so the red in the henna offsets that to give a jet black color.

    Yes, you're right. I do like change--but I always find myself going back to jet black. So I'm just going to stick to that for a while. If I decide on something else, then I will just grow it out for a couple years.

    I have lightened my hair after using henna. The only thing is that your natural color lifts, but the henna stays, so instead of the hair getting visibly lighter it just turns RED. This was fine with me because you can "tone" the red to achieve auburn shades all the way to brown shades. I doubt I would ever want anything lighter than a red/auburn shade anyway.

  8. Your baby bump is the cutest:-) I have to try henna real soon. I have been hearing so much about it.

  9. Hello, Congrats on the baby!
    I'm from the Bahamas and i met your mother-in-law,Miss Rosie, in December in the beauty Salon. She and my mother are friends and i told her that i read your blog and she was telling us about how you take her hair shopping lol
    Just sharing :-)

  10. Thanks for the response, Nik. It's a little clearer now. One last question if you don't mind...what do you mean (and how) do you "tone" the henna?

  11. Megan--That's so funny! Small world! I take her hair shopping--but she takes me "everything else shopping". NOBODY shops like a Bahamian. LOL

    iamthehealer--Toning is basically putting another color over it to slightly change or "tone" the color a certain way. So with a bright red color, you'd need to tone it with another hair color that is slightly lighter but has a more ashy or blue/green base, to reduce the red color. Or, if you try to bleach indigo--you're probably be left with blue-green hair. You'd have to tone it with a red base color to get it to an brown or auburn shade. HTH.

  12. So this is what I will look like if I decide to have a have a bibooshka huh? lol.. If i didnt know you I'd swear I was looking at my own body in those pics lol. Dont waste ur time on verifying the sex. Its def a girl :)

    Your hair came out very pretty. Ive been considering henna but im pretty sure its just going to end up in the hair basket as all the rest of my products have. I think i have the seasonal blues :(.

  13. Yes, twin, this is what you'd look like! :D

    Oh and we find out the sex in a couple weeks!

  14. I knowwww this is old but geez!! That's 14 weeks? I look like a cow at 13 I'm so hating u right now

  15. Cyn--I had no idea you were expecting!! Congratulations momma! :)

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