Monday, November 1, 2010

“The only paradise is paradise lost.” ~Marcel Proust

Hope all of you had a fun Halloween!  I, on the other hand, didn't dress up or go out.  Why, you ask?  Well, my hubs surprised me with a quick to trip to the Bahamas--Nassau to be exact.  He needed to go for work, and me and baby just tagged along so that we could spend time with family.  My husband is from The Bahamas and all of his family are there.  Anyway, I made it back to Atlanta yesterday evening (Halloween) and I just didn't have the energy to do anything because of a heavy night of partying on Saturday night.  Of course, I will share a few snaps.  Enjoy!

My grandmother-in-law has the most amazing flowers in her yard.

Being silly on the roof of Fort Charlotte.

My favorite Bahamian beer.

Conch salad.  All I can say is yummmmmm....

My little rug rat had so much fun playing in the sand.




  1. Looks like a MUCH better option than knocking on strangers doors begging for candy. ^.^

    I'd love to know your ab regimen, assuming you have one, b/c your post-partum belly ROCKS. It looks like you may have been blessed w/great genes though.

    The beach hair is awesome.

  2. Thank you! I'm making a mental note to do an ab post soon. I don't do a lot of ab work--but I DO do a couple things. Stay tuned!

  3. Paradise in deed. These photos are splendid. Your little boy is such a cutie and I agree with the above comment about those abs of yours. I'm engaged and will be getting married in June. I'm working on my pre baby body now...would love to hear what you did pre/partum

  4. Yes, I need to know what your workout is too. Lol!

    Beautiful pics!

  5. beautiful pictures! working the aperture - I love it!
    and your little boy is such so precious!

    I second the comments on the exercise/health routine. What is your secret?! You have such a great shape! Go girl!

    And the hair is, as always, gorgeous ;)

  6. Paradise indeed! Looks like you and the little guy had a good time.

    Seriously, though, you need to have a blog entry or two about your fitness and diet. Help out the mamas out here! I look pretty good with my five-month old in tow, but I can always step up my game, and you clearly have something that works.

    Good blog!

  7. Great pics! you look like ur 16 in the pic of you jumping. And ur baby pie is so chubby and cute. Im a natural abs person too :)

  8. Esh, you're definitely my sister from another mister. ;)

  9. Sweet Nik!!! Thats amazing that you were able to get away to the bahamas, the pics are great!


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