Wednesday, November 3, 2010

“Clouds may come, but clouds must go, and they all have a silver lining. For behind each cloud you know, the sun, or moon, is shining.”

Macy's blazer, True Religion jeans (cut into shorts), Target top, Steve Madden boots.

It's a rainy, chilly day today.  Sometimes I find the rain comforting.

Shop the look:


  1. I am definitely a fan of shorts in Autumn. Great look. Love those boots.

  2. hey nik G,

    i have been in a fashion slump for a while. i find your blog inspiring-- to help me reinvent myself as a fashionable diva. :)

    Your hair looks great too. did u straighten it in those pics.

    thanks so much again for sharing your world.

  3. Hi! I'm glad you like the blog! I was kind of in fashion lag myself, which is why I started the blog. It helped inspire me to get dressed sometimes! :D

    Yep, I flat ironed my hair myself. Since the temperatures have dropped some, including the humidity--my hair gets a little "sleeker", I've noticed.

  4. I have boots that look exactly like that. Love the outfit!

  5. I love the new bangs and the outfit...You go girl!


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