Monday, August 15, 2016

Dusty Rose

TOP // JEANS (Zara, old), similar on sale!// SHOES (old), similar

Hey guys! Did you have a good weekend?  I did.  Saturday, I had an epic workout at the gym and then later that evening, a really nice date night with the hubster.  I wore this "dusty rose" colored embroidered peasant top on our night on the town.  It was so hot and since we were just going to tool around downtown Atlanta, which would include some walking, I knew this air-y top would be perfect.  I actually got a couple compliments from strangers on it.  Make sure to snap one up HERE.

Anyway, the fam and I will be heading to the Bahamas this week.  My husband's maternal grandmother passed away after being sick for quite some time.  We are all sad to see her go, but know that she is no longer suffering. Aside from dealing with that, I will try to get some pictures in of that beautiful place we consider a second home.

Happy Monday!

JEANS (Zara, old), similar on sale! 
SHOES (old), similar


  1. Hi lovely as always
    I have to have details on this new hair do
    Is this a blow out and then a braid out
    Or is this flat ironed
    Btw love the new look!

    1. It is lightly flat ironed hair that I rolled on Caruso rollers. Sorry for responding so late! Thank you! xo

  2. I luv the new cut and this top is love! I must say, I have literally been following you since fotki days lol this blog is such a breath of fresh air :)

    1. Fotki!! OMG, then you've "known" me long time!! Thank you, and thanks for reading. xo


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