Friday, August 14, 2015


Life can be so unpredictable at times, and boy did I learn that lesson in the past few weeks.  First, I lost my older brother to a motorcycle accident about 3 weeks ago.  He was hit by a drunk driver while on his way to work at 6:30AM in the morning.  Yea.  He was wearing a helmet and wasn't speeding, yet he is no longer here with us.

This has been the hardest thing I've ever had to deal with--my family has had to deal with.  And as I've been in the darkest sorrow I've ever experienced, my husband gets a promotion 2 weeks later that is sending us back to ATLANTA in just a few weeks!  That bit of news was definitely a pick-me-up that I could use.

In these pictures, I'm wearing this Grecian style dress that is my new jam.  Can I tell you that I love this dress!?  It actually can be worn in many different ways.  The straps can be tied how ever you please.  I love the color scheme and it makes me feel like a tropical goddess.  If interested, you can get it HERE.

As most of you know, I lived in Atlanta for 7 years prior to coming to Kansas City.  I'm so excited to be going "home"!  I think after 7 years, 2 babies, and a marriage all happening there--it's safe to say that ATL is my home.  I'm also very happy that I'll be back in driving distance to my other favorite city, Miami.  

You know, it's crazy how a great year can turn into the worst year in life, in just a blink of an eye.  I realize that loss is a part of the cycle of life and we're (my family & I) all trying to get through this, because we have no other choice.  In the mean time, I'm just trying to focus on the silver linings.

Have a great weekend, guys.


Dress - c/o Belleza Blu (HERE)
Sandals - Old Navy
Sunglasses - F21 (old)


  1. Awww Nik im sorry about your brother :(.

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. Condolences and prayers to you and your family.

  3. I'm so sorry about your brother, I wish you strength for today and always. Best wishes.

  4. My heart goes it to you. Losing a loved one especially one that close can be tragic and time never really heals that hole in your heart. But it does get better. Praying that there will be peace and comfort for you and your family :(

  5. I'm very sorry for your loss, Nik.

  6. Sending you a huge hug and prayers.

  7. Hi Nik... I'm so sorry to hear about your brother! Prayers for your family and your strength during this hard time! You truly look Beautiful, and Congrats on moving back to the ATL.

  8. I'm so very sorry for your family's loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

    So happy for your move back to the A! Now if I can just get back there too! lol

  9. I'm so sorry for your loss, Nik. Sending you and your family my condolences.

  10. Hey Nik-
    So very sorry to hear about your brother! Lifting your family and you up in prayer. I didn't know you were here in Kansas City for a little while. I took a break from blogging for awhile when my son was born and must have missed that you moved. All the best wishes back in the ATL. I've only visited once but I had the time of my life seriously. Miami is my favorite though!!!

    Nicole Alicia | Lifestyle Blogger/Writer

  11. Just whispered a prayer for you and your family chica. I love that you can see the rainbow even through the clouds.

    KLP @

  12. sending my condolences to your family in this time of need!

  13. So much love to you Nik! On 8/1 I lost my daddy unexpectedly to a heart attack. In the course of a hour our lives changed drastically. I just turned 30 and was looking forward to going to Vegas for our anniversary (the reasons for the swim suits lol) yet that happened. I'm praying for and with you.
    Love the dress and you look marvelous! So happy you are coming back on the east side!

  14. my prayers to you and your family (((hugs)))

  15. i'm sorry for your loss. my condolences to you and your family. congrats on your move back 'home'. i can def relate. i'd be happier if i could get back to al or atl!

  16. Prayers for peace and strength. ((Hugs))

  17. So sorry for your loss Nik! Sending up prayers for you and your family! God bless! Xx

  18. So much admiration for my sister of another mother. I sure am able to appreciate this post full of bittersweetness and beauty that is you Nik.
    Thank you and continue your strength and see you and the family soon in the ATL.


  19. Let me start off by saying this - condolences to your family. This is so sad to hear! What a waste of human loss! :(

    Going back to your outfit, it is lovely! It is bright and vibrant. I'm amazed how you pulled this together given what just happened to your family. Hope he is in a better place now!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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