Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hey friends!  I'm back from the vacay.  I guess I can call it vacay, but really it's just visiting family for us!  We hit the usuals--Nassau and Freeport in the Bahamas, plus me and hubs made a quick child-free pit stop in Miami.

I do have some pics to share, and I will post them up when I get a chance.  I have quite a few pictures on my Instagram.  Snapping pictures with my iPhone and quickly uploading them to IG is just too convenient.  I barely whipped out my real camera.

While we were in Miami, we hung out in the downtown area where I use to work many many moons ago.  The atmosphere and seeing people who work down there walking around is what inspired this outfit post.  I worked at a large law firm in downtown, and this was a typical work-day look for me.  Yes, pink pants are okay for work in Miami!!!  I miss that part of living in that city.  Most wardrobe/attire rules are broken, and that is usually the norm.  The pants are super old and I'd gotten them from ZARA at the Aventura Mall.  I still hold on to them because the wide leg cut is timeless, and the fact that they are pink makes them almost one of kind these days.

We definitely had a great time on our trip.  The trip to Miami was definitely a highlight.  It was nice to hang out in my old stomping ground and see the many changes that have taken place since I lived there.  It's definitely in the plans to eventually make it back down there permanently, but for now, I have to make an effort to get there more often.

Happy Thursday!

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