Friday, April 3, 2015

His Becomes Hers

I like to wear my husbands shirts at times.  It hasn't always been that way.  Lately, my hubs has been bitching at me about how much I seem to spend whenever I go to Target.  I mean, helloooo, who ever actually only buys the items that they walked into Target to get??!  Target gets me every time.  I go in for 3 things and leave with 13.  It doesn't help that my local Target store has a full on grocery store complete with a big organic foods (meat & produce) section, which saves me from having to drive further away to Whole Foods or Natural Grocers!

So, to butter my husband up a bit, I started keeping an eye out on things for him while in Target too.  I happened to pick up a button-up shirt for him that I thought looked good and surprisingly he liked it, and liked how it fit.  Prior to this, my hubs never bought clothes out of Target.  It wasn't total snobbery or anything, I just don't think he ever considered it an option for some reason.  So after that initial shirt, I started picking up more button-ups and t-shirts for him.  Lets just say the Target complaints have eased up...a lil' bit. *wink*

Shirt - Target // Jeans - Forever 21 // Shoes - Nine West // Necklace - Charming Charlie // Bag - Old Navy

So now that I'm actually picking out his button-up shirts and choosing color schemes I'm drawn too, I've found myself rummaging through his side of the closet at times.  He says he likes me wearing his shirts.  He finds it kinda' sexy.  Hey, we've been married almost 7 years, so whatever adds to maintaining the spark, I'm all for it!

Have a great weekend!


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