Tuesday, November 4, 2014


So, um, yeah.  It's starting to get a bit nippy here in Kansas lately.  I've started pulling out my sweaters now (for real this time).  This sweater was a Forever 21 clearance find. I might have paid 10 bucks.  Might.  I'd bought it last year when I was experiencing my very first Midwest winter after over 10 years, and I probably bought about 15+ clearance sweaters from F21, H&M, and any other cheap retailer. I ain't ashamed to admit that. *smile*

Sweater - F21 (old) :: Black jeans - H&M :: Shoes - Nine West :: Sunglasses - Prada

By the way, this sweater gives me a chuckle because most don't know (because I don't usually just yell it from the mountain tops) that I will actually be 38 years old next year. Yes, I'm that old!  And to top it all off, I discovered TWO gray hairs today.  I'm not tripping out, though. It's about time for my occasional Natural Instincts re-up anyway.  

All jokes aside, I'm proud of my age, and my evolution throughout the years.  I look forward to seeing the person that I am in another 10 years.  I've learned it's best to just embrace time and change, because there ain't no stopping it anyway.

Have a great week, guys.  And don't forget to VOTE today!!


  1. So Cute Nik! Love the sweater and the shades. :)

  2. Yassss good genes! You look amazing!!

  3. You are KILLING 37. Just KILLING it. You look great!

    Krystal // The Feisty House

  4. GIRL! I would have never guessed. You go!

  5. Where is the fountain of youth you are drinking from! Love this sporty chic look, especially with those black pumps!

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius


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