Wednesday, September 17, 2014

::Eat:: Renee Kelly's Harvest

photo via Facebook

It's hump day, ya'll!! This is just a quick post about one of my favorite things (as you know)--food! This past weekend, the hubs and I tried a new restaurant that was recommended to us by friends. It's called Renee Kelly's Harvest.  The owner is chef Renee Kelly, and this is a "farm to table" that supports local Kansas and Kansas City area farmers.  So, in other words, the freshest food ever.

Renee Kelly's Harvest Kansas

This restaurant is thee cutest. Cute may not be the right word, but hey, this is me talking.  The building looks like a gothic-y cottage style house.  A slight castle vibe.  Upon entering, however, it has the feeling of a lodge because of all the wood.  It's very nice.  It has two dining levels, as well as a wine cellar in the basement.

Renee Kelly's Harvest Kansas
Duck tacos.

But why am I talking about the decor??  This place is all about the food!  The hubs and I started out with the duck tacos which were amaze!  I was really starving when we arrived, so these hit the spot like nothing else could.  For dinner I had a pork chop dish that was served with a savory bread pudding and thee tiniest Brussels sprouts I'd ever seen. They called them baby Brussels sprouts.  And I ate those babies too!  My husband had the duck breast with polenta and the seasonal veg.

Renee Kelly's Harvest Kansas
Pork chop with savory bread pudding and baby Brussels sprouts.

Renee Kelly's Harvest Kansas
Pressed duck breast with polenta and seasonal veg.

The food was amazing!  

Instead of dessert, we opted to have a an extra glass (or two) of wine and took a quick little tour of the building. We hung out in the wine cellar for a bit, and then took a peek at the patio and garden outside.

Renee Kelly's Harvest wine cellar
Really bad camera-phone pic. Thx to me having the junkiest iPhone ever.

I have to say, this was one of my favorite meals that I've had in Kansas City so far.  I guess I'm just a sucker for fine-ish dining.  That presentation, tho. 

If you're ever in the KC area, I highly recommend!

Renee Kelly's Harvest
12401 Johnson Drive
Shawnee, Kansas 66216 


  1. I'm into that homey feel of this restaurant and those plates. Dying to have a taste!!!

    Cha Cha The Fashion Genius

  2. Such a gorgeous restaurant and the food looks so good!

  3. I love the ambiance from the photos and the food looks delish! Farm to table is always a plus in my book!
    You should check out Goodfellow Farms whenever you come back over here. To die!!!

    FYI, your 'fit is soooo cute!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  4. what a beautiful place and that food omgggg, your hair is getting so long again :)

  5. another gorgeous hairstyle! How'd you create it?!


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