Friday, July 11, 2014


Hello, readers!  I just thought I'd share a quick post showcasing my latest thrift store find.  Can you believe I found this Kente cloth shirt from the Goodwill??!  This is definitely a case of "Goodwill hunting" gone RIGHT.

I realized after uploading this picture, that the shirt became unzipped!
I still want you guys to get a view of the back so I still posted it. ;)

The shirt is just a tad too big for me, so I will take it to a tailor to take it in a bit in the bust and waist.  Even if it was 3 times too big, I still would have bought it and given it to someone I know because it was such a great find (and deal at 4 bucks).

By the way, anyone know what kind of flowers those are in the pictures?  They are on the side of my house and are just gorgeous!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Great style, lady! It also looks like your pretty flowers could be part of the aster flower family. +MC

    1. Thanks, Michi! And thanks for the tip on the flowers. Researching them now.... ;)

  2. Wow great deal! You look super cute!


  3. LOVE the top! Definitely a great find.

  4. Beautiful outfit, you look lovely x

  5. Just Lovely!!! Love the top and the pics! GREAT FIND!

  6. LOVE!
    I adore kente cloth! You look so pretty :)

  7. This top is HOT! Love the pattern and the slightly off the shoulders feel


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