Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hair Tutorial Video

Hey ya'll!!  As you may (or may not) know, us Midwesterners were hit with a big snow storm this past Tuesday.  We got a whopping 12 inches of snow!!  Well, the cabin fever had gotten to me and apparently gave me a little extra motivation to get something up on the blog.  I decided to make a video tutorial on how I wear my now shoulder-length hair the most.  By all means, take a looksee!

Let me know if you find this video helpful and if you'd like to see more!

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Love this video! You hair always looks great :) Stay warm during the storm!


  2. I like it! I usually do separate box twists, but I think I will try french twisting my hair like you did next time. And you looked adorable with your hat on :-)

  3. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. You look adorable with your hat on.


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