Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Taupe is sort of a "somber" color.  It's unassuming and quiet. Kind of like my mood today, go figure.  It's also pretty classy.  It can make even a stand-out print like snake print seem demure.  

I got these jeans (though they feel more like pants) on sale from Old Navy for 17 bucks.  Here, they fit right in with fall/winter wear, but I also like that these will also fall right in line with my spring/summer wardrobe with ease, as well.  I'm all for versatility!  I topped it all off with this "floppy" hat I'd bought from Target weeks ago.  I'm just wearing it now because it doesn't fit my head when my hair is curly.  #BigHairProblems

NikG Old Navy Rockstar Printed Skinny Jeans

NikG Old Navy Rockstar Printed Skinny Jeans

NikG Old Navy Rockstar Printed Skinny Jeans

Sweater - Thrifted // Denim shirt - Target (here) // Hat - Target (here)
 Pants - Old Navy (on sale! here) // Boots - Target (old) 
Bag - MARC by Marc Jacobs (here)

NikG Old Navy Rockstar Printed Skinny Jeans Mossimo Supply Floppy Leather Tie Hat

Now back to that mood, I'd mentioned above... 

^^^This, my friends, is the face of a disappointed woman.  We thought we'd found "our" house.  Unfortunately, someone else found the same house a few hours before we did.  What a bummer.  We did have a "second place" house, but in reality--who really wants second place?  So we passed on putting an offer on that one.  We instead want to find another #1 (to us) house!  So the cycle starts all over again.  At least now we have an idea of exactly what we're looking for.  New listings are always added to the market daily, and we're on a mad scramble.  Wish us luck....again.  

Happy Hump Day!


  1. I really like those pants and boots! Sorry about the house, it just means something better is ahead:-)

  2. you look so cute, yes to those shoes!!

  3. Love those pants! They fit you perfectly! I have those booties from Target in black and I love them. Great hat too!

  4. Love the sweater and booties! So cute!

  5. aw sorry you didn't get the house but hey you look good , right?
    Love the outfit and the bag.
    Dawn NC Rep for SGBC
    Spatulas On Parade

    1. haha Thanks! A bright side to everything, right? :D

  6. Gorg!!! You make me want to buy a floppy hat now... So sorry to hear about the house. I'm wishing you the best in your search!


  7. Love this! Very Cute fit. I just bought a hat from target, but i missed those boots.... lovvvvee them for fall!

  8. This is so cute! Loved the pants and the hat!
    SGBC <3 ~The SLS Blog

  9. I bought that hat in black, loves it!

  10. Well, even if you're disappointed, you look FABULOUS, and I love this outfit. However, I am sorry to hear about the house. :/ Househunting is gut-wrenching sometimes (we ended up looking at, uh, about 50 homes total before find our #1), so I hope y'all can persevere, keep up good attitudes and that your dream home will show up soon.

  11. love the whole look and those shoes and pants are fiyah!

  12. Girl give me that sweater! Such a cutie!


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