Thursday, June 6, 2013

Favorite Thing

Well, I use to do these "Favorite Things" posts, but I sort of fell off.  I've decided to make a conscious effort to start these posts back up again, seeing that I buy so many knicknacks for my home, kids, organizational stuff, etc.--maybe I should share it...

So, I just recently got this new case for my iPhone 5.  Everytime I'm out and whip it out, someone stops me and asks to look at it, find out where I got it, etc.

As you can see, it's a slimmed down "wallet" case. I bought this case from Amazon, and it has been God-send.  I tend to carry tiny little purses while out on the town (clutches, etc.), and usually my phone a lipstick and my cards on thrown in there loose because my actual wallet is quite large.  Well, now I don't have to have my cards (ID and credit card) just sitting loose, and lessens the risk of me losing them.  I also can just grab my phone and go when running quick errands, without lugging my huge purse with me all of the time. 

The case is made of rubber, and then has a leather wallet slot stitched onto the back.  It can hold an ID and 2 credit cards, or an ID, a card, and dollar bill.  It comes in several colors, and as you can see I went with the "green" which is more of a teal color. 

Also, the rubber wraps around the outer edge of the front of the phone which makes it very protective in that if your phone falls flat on it's face--the actual face doesn't touch the ground!!  I think the case is quite stylish for something that has turned out to be so useful for me.  

I do have to admit that the case isn't all that cheap.  I paid 30 bucks for it, and depending on the color you choose, the price varies.

If you're interested in this case, it can be found HERE!  Not to leave anyone out, there is also a version for the iPhone 4/4S HERE as well. Enjoy!



  1. love that color and that is so handy to have everything right there!!

  2. case ever? Yeah, I think so.

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House

  3. love it!!! i def need that in my life especially when im just running to the store really quick. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. What a great find! I hate lugging around purses so this is a good tip :) Thanks!


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