Thursday, May 16, 2013

These boys of mine.

They just warm my heart daily.  It's funny watching the youngest do the same things that the oldest did at the same age.  They both are obsessed with cars and trucks, and they both love to play with them along the window sills.

And of course, Max, is such a good big brother.  They fight a lot, but they hug a lot too.

Thankfully, it looks like Atlanta has made it to the 80+ degree temperatures, and it should be here to stay!  Hence, the shirtless boys.

Happy Thursday!



  1. Wow, look at the oldest's face. He looks like a little boy now. (I can't recall if you ever use their first names on the blog. I didn't wanna mention it in case you didn't).

    1. Yes, he's a big boy!!!

      And yea, I've used their names. No biggie. ;)

  2. Aww so cute. My two eldest fight a lot, but love a lot too. They are really growing up.

  3. awww how precious are they! they are gonna love seeing these when they get older!


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