Saturday, January 5, 2013

Eye Glasses Review (video)

Hey all!  So I finally got around to doing a review video on my newest pair of eyeglasses.  I've gotten lots of questions about them, actually.  I also, made this video while in The Bahamas and I give you a little peek of what we're up to there.  Take a look!

Remember, these glasses can be found HERE, they are the Derek Cardigan 7014 style in tortoise shell.  I think they are almost sold out, as they use to have them in black, but I don't see that as an option anymore.    They also have several other styles that to me look almost identical.  Happy shopping!

P.S.  I cut & colored my hair.  I plan to reveal it on Monday or Tuesday.  Stay tuned!


  1. Hey Nik! I have been in the market for some new glasses myself and wanted to get a trendy pair for less. I went to this website: and found some really great frames for a like $25 tops!

    Great post!


  2. Hey Faye! I actually have 2 pair of glasses from Zenni!! haha They are in my rotation as well. I do think Coastal's glasses are a higher quality though. I actually got a pair of prescription sunglasses from Zenni. I guess I should review them too!

  3. Coastal's are better quality? Okay... I haven't purchased from Zenni yet but I was planning to in order to cop some of the trendy looks! I have my Tiffany wire rims on all the time, but I look like the English teacher I play in my day to day life so I wanted something a little more hip for the me I am when I am not in class! LOL! I will probably get myself a pair and my daughter some Rx sunglasses too they are so cheap!

  4. Such cute glasses, and you are very cute too :-)

  5. Nik what's a good email to reach you? I need to ask you something

  6. Glasses look super cute on you and I LOVE that house! Happy New Year! xoxo.

  7. Hello Nik! Happy New Year!! Beautiful home and atmosphere. Thank you so much for this review! I've been waiting to hear about those fabulous glasses. I am so getting me a few pair from that site. I need to get my eyes rechecked for this year because they have been bothering me lately. Once I get a new prescription I'm going to order a pair. I love the pair you have and I love the cateye shaped ones because they are different. I didn't think about the prescription sunglasses. Thanks for that reminder. P.S. You did not look a mess! You were cute ;) Have a great week!


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