Monday, January 21, 2013


I snagged this dress off of ASOS, a little while ago.  I was initially attracted to the abstract print and the colors.  Well, I see that it's on sale now for 20 bucks.  It's like a thin sweater material, so fitting for this time of year.  

I almost wasn't going to post this dress, because I didn't like how gloomy the pictures turned out.  It was a really gloomy and rainy day when I took them.  But hey, it's been a minute since my last post, so I thought I'd give you something. :)  By the way, I have since added more highlights to my hair and colored it a more red color, so it's not as bright.  I love it, and plan on posting pics this week.  Stay tuned!

Happy MLK Day!


  1. I love that dress! You have the best hair!


  2. Gorgeous dress! You look fabulous!

  3. Love your style! And THAT hair!!! OMGEEEE!!! :)

  4. I LOVE that pattern! And your hair is drop dead gorgeous!!! That cut & color is your signature! Please tell me that you've had some hair errors cause.....[sigh] you're making it hard in these 'grow your hair back out from a stupid 2nd big chop' streets.

  5. My, my you look one million dollar lady... Gorgeous ;)


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