Thursday, December 13, 2012

One Pot Curry Chicken w/Rice

Happy Thursday, ya'lls!  Today's recipe post is a recipe I'd gotten off of Pinterest.  When I saw the photo I was immediately drawn to it.  Then to see that it was a curry chicken recipe--oh yea, momma had to give it a try.  Let's get this straight, I am a big curry lover--red curry, yellow curry, green name it.

Now this dish involving the more commonly used yellow curry, I noticed that it would not be the usual "Caribbean style" curry chicken that I usually eat and/or make, but I'm always open to something new.

 Plus, it doesn't get any easier than a "one pot" dish.  That alone was enough for me to try it.

I also liked that the recipe called for a can of coconut milk.  Listen to me when I say, coconut makes ANY rice dish taste better.  Because of the Caribbean influence that is a big part of me, I also threw in a can of pigeon peas to give it more of an island twist.  You can find pigeon peas (green or brown) in the international section of any grocer.  I find mine in the Jamaican or Mexican sections.

The only thing I wish I would have added to the pot, was a little bit of scotch bonnet (also known as habanero) pepper to give it a little "kick".  Nevertheless, this dish turned out AWESOME.  I do think it needed a little more salt, so next time I would probably use more--maybe 2 teaspoons instead of the half teaspoon the recipe called for.  You can always salt it to taste on your plate, like I did, of course.

I served this dish with a steamed cabbage/carrot mixture.  It was a hit!!  In my usual fashion, I forgot to top it with cilantro of which I'd actually bought just for this. *sigh*

Also, because I wanted to make this dish the minute I saw it, I went out and bought a new dutch oven.  I always knew I'd needed one, so this was the perfect excuse.  Instead of getting the nicer looking (and more expensive) enamel coated kind--I opted for the cast iron (which is what is underneath the enamel coating of the enamel coated kind).  Cast iron is a bit harder to clean and requires a certain kind of care, but it lasts a lifetime!  I couldn't live without my cast iron stove top grill/griddle!  Plus, I'd read that the enamel eventually begins to chip off after a while on those coated ones.  So I just spared myself the hassle.

Hope you all enjoy this recipe!  Let me know if you try it!
Recipe can be found HERE.


  1. Nik! You're a woman after my own Guyanese heart! I'm going to try this version but I am not going to leave out my beloved scotch bonnet!

  2. Andrea--You definitely should try it! I know that scotch bonnet would have given it just the right kick! Let me know how it turns out. :)

  3. that looks delicious! i love making chicken curry!

  4. this looks like something we call pelau in the Caribbean. Delicious I tell you

  5. Your food looks amazing! I WILL be trying to make this!


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