Thursday, December 6, 2012

And just that fast...

...the curls are back.

This is actually my hair airdried to about 80% in one braid, and then taken down to airdry the rest of the way.  Only products used were coconut oil, and Fantasia IC gel (clear) for slicking the bun down.  Who says you have to use a million and one products to get a great look? 

Though, I will admit, if I knew I would eventually take it down to wear out, I would have used maybe one more product to get a bit more clumping.  A cream based product like one of Shea Moisture's hair lotions, etc.  Nevertheless, it was just fine like this!

Have a great one!


  1. OMG...The Curls are just beautiful!Can't wait for my natural hair to grow longer.

  2. I agree Sharmana!! Her hair is just gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to being that length also! Shea moisture products are really good for putting moisture back into the hair! May I ask Nik where did you get your glasses from they are cuuuuute!!!

  3. Thank you ladies!!!

    Nika--I'm going to be posting a video review of my glasses soon. Should be up no later than Sunday! :)

  4. The big curly fro looks great on you and so does the longer waves. Both great looks. I have to explore with coconut oil a little more.

  5. I'm loving your glasses. I'm thinking mine look similar but are just a tad more brown. And your hair is just the bomb but you know this!


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