Monday, November 5, 2012


Remember this post that I'd made about possibly moving to The Bahamas a little over a year ago?  Well no, I'm not announcing a move there now.  As I'd mentioned in that post, if hub's job gave him an "offer we couldn't refuse" that we would stay--well, they definitely stepped up to the plate. (I'm so proud of him, by the way.) So, living in the Bahamas is no longer something that will happen anytime soon.  With the new changes at my husband's job, however, there is a BIG possibility we will be leaving Atlanta in 2013.  We're going to let things play out in the way they must go, but we're hoping that small chance of us not having to leave Atlanta will happen.  If not, so be it because the places we would have to choose from to live are both warmer climates and coastal.  So it won't be that much a disappointment if we have to go.  Anyway, I'll be sure to keep you all updated on this...

I mentioned all that above, because we're in the process of getting our house ready to sell.  Even though, a move to another city isn't happening this fast, we've decided to unload our house so that (1) we won't have to rush to do it when/if we get that call to go, and (2) we have pretty much outgrown this little house in the city and would have been selling it anyway even if we don't leave Atlanta.  I'm finally at a place where I'm ready to hit the 'burbs!  That's growth ya'll.  I no longer feel like I need to be close to the action.  Heck, I only partake of the action a few times a month these days.  I'd rather have SPACE, a nice sized yard, good schools, a family atmosphere, etc. where I live.  Trust, me and my hubs can always drive to the action when we need it. haha

So right now, we're getting work done on our house.  The picture above is the house's new exterior paint job.  The men are getting ready to start some minor work inside.  We're putting a lot of our stuff into storage and a condo that we own, and we'll kind of live between the two.  I know that there is no way our house would stay "ready to show" with my kids there on a full time basis.  So because of this, my posting in the next month or so may be fairly sporadic (as if it isn't already) because I'm swamped.  Me and the kids may even hang out in the Bahamas during the month of December, and if so, I'll try to blog like crazy while there.  I love sharing my Bahamas experiences with you all.

Oh, and one thing I've learned....don't wait until you're ready to sell to make needed changes or upgrades to your home.  Enjoy those perks while you're there!  I'm definitely starting to have soon-to-be-seller's-remorse, now that we're prettying this house up. *tear*

Have a great week!  And if you haven't already--make sure to VOTE tomorrow!!!  It is our civic DUTY!!


  1. Hi Nik,

    Best wishes for all the changes that are occuring in you and your family lives :-). I would like to move where it's warmer as well. Been living in Philly all my life and I'm so ready for a change!

  2. Good luck with the changes in store for you. It's funny you mention that you're ready for the suburbs. I am resisting it at every turn. I don't necessarily have to be near the action but culture is important to me and my suburban experience has left me void of such. Of course this was in Arizona so that may be why. Best wishes dear!

  3. Such a beautiful house!!!! I feel you on making the renovations while you live there so you can enjoy them. We learned that when we sold our house and moved to TX. I've always been a suburb girl bc the land is cheaper but living in Ft. Worth makes me want to do some city living whereever we move to.


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