Monday, October 22, 2012

Link Up

This past Saturday, I got the chance to connect with an old (new) friend.  I say "old (new)" because she is someone I stumbled upon during the Myspace years.  I use to devour pictures of her and her friends' eclectic, earthy and fabulous Brooklyn style.  This was before I transitioned to natural hair, and all of them had natural hair which was additional inspiration for me to take the plunge.  Anyway, over the years, we've been social media friends and finally met up this weekend.  She happened to be here in Atlanta and wanted to film me for a video project she is working on for a website she will be launching soon!  I will be sure to let you guys know when that happens.  It is always great to meet another kindred spirit!

Introducing Michi!  If you want to be inspired by cool fashion and a warm spirit, follow this girl!

We met up at one of my favorite coffee shops that I frequent weekly.  So the night began with coffee and ended with cocktails and laughter.  I took her to one of my favorite rooftop lounges found at the restaurant, Cafe Circa.  

Can you believe the picture below of our drinks were actually shots?  Yes, the bartender decided to make us shots the size of real drinks.  We had to call it a night after that. haha

Looking forward to sharing with you all the finished product!


  1. Can't wait to follow and see the final product!

  2. Yay!! I heart Michi and have gotten a snippet of what's on her horizon. Can't wait to see your perspective;-)

  3. Love your hair and that jacket!!

  4. So nice to meet up with people you've connected with through social media -there IS some good to it.


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