Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Let's be Teal

Me and the hubs had a quick spur of the moment "date night" last week.  When he informed me of the plans, I decided to throw this little get up on.

I ended up throwing my trusty denim jacket on before leaving the house...


And just in case you were curious about the hair...

I can't wait to switch this hair back to curly.  Straight is easier, but the curls are more fun!  Me and the fam actually have a shoot for a print ad this weekend, so I have to wait until after that before switching.  And no, I see nothing wrong with pimping my boys' good looks for a little pocket change.  I'll be sure to do a post on this at some point.

Also, please ignore the baby gates and toys that may be seen on our deck.  That's just how we roll over here. :)

Happy Hump Day!
Ruffle top - Target
Bandage dress worn as skirt - Arden B.
Boots - Sam Edelman
Belt - F21


  1. Cute, u encourage me to take risks with patterns & colors and to be a lil more funky & spunky!

  2. Thx Panama!!! Though I don't think you REALLY need encouragement in the spunky department. :^D

  3. Nik!

    cute outfit...I live in my denim jacket I've had it for years lol I have a white jean J from calvin klein too and I just bought a beige corduroy at value village :) they go with everything!

  4. Love the Booties! Btw I'm hosting a free giveaway on my blog feel free to enter :)


  5. This is such a lovely outfit!!! :)
    Would you like to follow eachother?
    Let me know if you follow so i can follow back


  6. I'm late but I am now gonna give tights more play. Love it.

  7. I absolutely LOVE your shoes ! Follwoing your blog. I am a Miami fashion blogger. Check my page out !


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