Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let the Festivities Begin...

 Headed to a Halloween party this past weekend.

 So what plans do you all have for All Hallows Eve?


  1. My sons had the exact same outfit but the oldest had batman and the youngest had Spidey. And I tell you, my Spidey was just excited as yours. Something about that spidey mask really makes them feel like they can begin climbing walls. LOL too cute

  2. Soooo cute! You are soooo my mommy inspiration....still making flyness look easy, haha. I'm working on getting my full flyness back and I'm almost there.

  3. Awwwww they are absolutely adorable.......it's something about costumes that makes a kid transform and bring such joy out of them. Good job; they look ready to do their super hero duty :-)!


  4. your boys are so stinkin' cute! i had a spiderman last year and batman the year before.

    p.s. those boots are everything!

  5. Kawaii! You're one of the lucky moms with kids that will smile for the camera. My child refuses. You know how people rarely smiled in the 1900s portrait? That's my kid. Like, what does she have to be solemn about???

  6. It must be nice to have TWO superhero sons-- they look absolutely adorable yet so powerful :)


  7. Oh Nik, Your sons are so cute!! I just watched the pics with a very, VERY big smile on my face (especially the pic where they are holding hands..the oldest one probably can't see a thing.. :0). It's a pity we don't have halloween here in the Netherlands, so thanks for sharing! Feliz


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