Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Killer hair

Well, not really the hair, that's killer.  Currently in love with these studded hair combs I picked up at Forever 21.  They were only $2.80 a piece.  I'm sure this could be a pretty simple DIY as well.  Go get your "bad ass" on!
 P.S.  They are no longer available online. You must get them in store! :(


  1. Cute! & I'm loving that Camo jacket too :-)

  2. I like! At at a $2.80, that's my kind of deal!

  3. Haven't gotten into the spikes trend (plain jane here) but I actually really like that spike hair accessory! Nice find.

  4. That jacket is Triple Five Soul and is like 4 years old! Maybe do a search to see if you can find an old one on eBay perhaps? Other than that there are lots of camo jackets for sale now, as it's the current trend. Check out I think they have one there.


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