Friday, June 1, 2012

What's Upper?

Hey ya'll!  Sorry I haven't been very blog-ilicious lately.  I just haven't been that motivated!  And because this isn't my "job" and I don't make any (real) money from this--I purposely try not to force it.  I want to remain organic with it and blog when I really get the urge or have something to share.  Anyways....

So how was everyone's Memorial Day weekend?  Mine was great.  Great meaning VERY chill.  Went to one backyard barbecue and the rest of the time just hung out with my little family.  I did try a new restaurant in my 'hood for the first time, and was pretty pleased.  It's called Doc Chey's Noodle House (the Grant Park location).  I guess it's like an "Asian fusion" kind of spot, i.e. you'll find some Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese offerings on the menu.  I had a spicy basil noodle Thai dish with shrimp and the hubs had spice Szechuan chicken with brown rice (he's on a health kick. lol).  Anyway, everything was muy delicioso and we'll definitely make this one of our regular spots.  Plus, kids eat free on the weekends!  Can't beat that!  They have a lovely patio by the way.

The shrimp were buried under the noodles.

Szechuan chicken & brown rice

That face says it all on how he feels about my camera in his face.

The baby is huge. lol

Until next time...


  1. seriously, your food pictures are so delish! i want to jump through the screen and stuff my face.

    your babies are so cute!

    have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Aww look at those beautiful boys!! The baby is big now!!! Look at those legs! Love it

  3. Love the pix of your cute boys! That food has made me hungry. Going to get a snack. :)

  4. awww how cute are they! everytime i see a food pic on here it makes me wanna eat!

  5. Boys are so cute I love that he plays video games ;)

  6. you soooo need a little girl-ur such as girly girl. i would love to see you with a cutesy girl. i know she'd be adorable-like the yummy boys.

  7. Are you nursing? He's so chub and cute... Lovely family!!

  8. oh now that looks yum and those babies are so darn adorable!

  9. You have such a gorgeous family! Those boys are just adorable....and that little one? Love!!!
    The first picture of your oldest is HILARIOUS! My 2yo will either not look at the camera, run away or absurdly frown at it, lol.


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