Monday, April 2, 2012

+Weekend Mentions+

Happy Monday readers!  Just thought I'd give you guys a short re-cap of my weekend that was worth mentioning...

1) Changed up the nails!  This time I used Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Bling It Out".  It's a sparkly pink and I luv it!  The pink is a little darker than my pic shows, but is still quite subtle compared to last weeks nails.  My husband called the "confetti nails" jungliss (meaning ghetto in Bahamian talk). Ah well.  I is who I is. haha

2)  Another date-night with the hubs.  This time we went to a fairly popular French Restaurant in town.  And for the first time ever......*insert drumroll*....I tried escargot!  Yes, SNAILS.  Even I have a hard time saying it. lol  They actually weren't bad.  They were cooked in a garlic/butter sauce.  It was actually like eating mussels.  I will say that I still couldn't get over what they were mentally, so even in all of their deliciousness--I doubt I'd eat them ever again.  Silly me forgot to take pics of the dish. :/   Since I have no food porn for you, I do have a few pics of what I wore.
Random white tank, skirt from H&M (similar HERE and in love with THIS ONE), belt is F21, Steve Madden shoes (not shown).

3) All week, my 3 year old has been running round the house wearing my rubber gloves I use for cleaning exclaiming that he's baking a cake.  I assume he thinks they are oven mitts.  So on Sunday, we made cupcakes.  Baking is NOT my thing, and these were made using the Pilsbury variety.  He was very pleased.

So how was your weekend?


  1. I really enjoy these weekend mention posts!

  2. Your outfit and hair is very cute and your body is TIGHT Nik!!! Those cupcakes look yum! I went to see a play this weekend and hung out at TGI Friday's til almost 2 a.m. with the girls sipping on mojitos and maragaritas and eating appetizers and of course discussing MEN. ;)

  3. luv the skirt Nik.


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