Friday, April 27, 2012

I could never imagine a life without bacon...

...or barbecued ribs--and there is no way I could quit seafood.  I mean really, I visit an island a few+ times a year, and you think I'm not eating seafood?!

So with conviction, I can tell you guys that I will NEVER be a vegetarian.  Having said all of that, I DO admire vegetarianism and realize there are some health benefits to be had by going that route.  So as a quest of broadening me and my family's horizons--I've decided that we will have 2 meatless dinners a week.  By 2, I mean that I'll be making one vegetarian meal and having leftovers another day.  I'm curious as to how vegetarians organize a meal, because to me, it seems like they just stick a bunch of "side dishes" together and call it a meal. lol  Now, I realize that's my meat-eating way of thinking, that a dish without meat is somehow a "side dish"--so I would like to see if this venture will change my way of looking at food.

So, the first thing I did was buy a vegetarian cookbook.  I bought "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" by Deborah Madison.

It was mentioned a few times in reviews of other vegetarian cookbooks so I did some research and bought it off of eBay actually.  There are a few other vegetarian cookbooks I plan to get, as well as this "The Indian Slow Cooker: 50 Healthy, Easy, Authentic Recipes" book I've been eyeing.  I am all about crockpot cooking--not to mention, I find that I enjoy most vegetarian Indian dishes (so it should be useful for my vegetarian and non-vegetarian days).  I'll let you guys know how it goes and will definitely share some recipes!

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

P.S.  That book is MASSIVE, and it doesn't have pictures. :/  I still plan to use it, but am getting a simpler vegetarian cookbook soon with pics.  I'll will let you all know which one I get!


  1. I was at dinner last nite with a friend who I found out "doesnt eat meat" I felt confused when she said that. My bro calls people like that "Tree Huggers" lolol But like you I could see myself having 1 MAYBE 2 meatless meals a week.

  2. I'm with you on the bacon, ribs and seafood...LOL But I'd like to add more meatless meals to our menu, too. I'll check out this cookbook. Does it have photos? I tend to prefer cookbooks with color photos of most -if not all-of the recipes. I like to see what a dish is supposed to look like.

  3. That book is MASSIVE, and it doesn't have pictures. :/ I still plan to use it, but am getting a simpler vegetarian cookbook soon with pics. I'll will let you all know which one I get!

  4. I'm strongly thinking about becoming vegetarian after reading about the FDA not regulating the chicken anymore and the deformed looking seafood in the Gulf now. I really wasn't surprised about the latter because come on, the effects of that oil spill didn't just disappear. I feel sorry for the fishermen in the area.

    Maybe I won't cut it out completely and just watch where I'm getting my meat. I love bacon and ribs too. /-: )-:

  5. I loved bacon, and was never a big fan of ribs, but no longer eat meat, but I do eat seafood.

    The hardest thing I found in being a vegetarian was planning my meals. Ultimately - I found that vegetarian meals are based around TYPES of dishes: cream-based pasta, oil-based pasta, baked pasta, stir-fry, pizza, soup, another baked dish, etc.

    When thinking like THIS you create a meal that meat-lovers won't be left thinking..."Uh, I'm still hungry!" Which was definitely my thought process for the first couple of months. I personally cook a lot of "meat" meals and either substitute meat with beans, or omit it all together when applicable. Good luck!

  6. i too have started to eat meatless meals opting for vegetarian lasagnas instead of meat ones. My co-worker is a vegetarian and always preaches it to me. I have a couple cookbooks but havent really read them. Looking forward to your recipes tho :-)

  7. I'm someone who mainly eats a vegetarian diet although I wouldn't call myself a vegetarian. There's a youtuber named Naptural85 that has a vlog where she lists recipes, you may be able to gather some recipes from there.

  8. A cookbook without pics wouldn't work for me. I often eat meatless meals without even thinking about it but still enjoy seafood and chicken.

  9. I could see maaaaayyyybe trying to go meatless once a month, but I would definitely need pictures!
    I hope you let us know how this new challenge goes.


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