Friday, March 30, 2012

+Hair Babble+..."Beach Waves"

How about a little hair talk?  Up for that?

Well, last week when my hair was still straight, I decided to try to give my flat ironed hair some "beach waves" via bantu knots.  Because my flat ironed hair is VERY resistant to any type of curl--it was necessary to spritz each section with a little water before putting in the knot.  Don't worry, one squirt isn't enough to revert my hair as it doesn't really penetrate my hair shaft before it evaporates.  Anyway, each section I applied coconut oil and then gave a squirt down the length of it and then proceeded to put in the knot.  This is what I ended up with.  It was 5 knots:

After leaving them in for about half a day, this is what I ended up with.

I didn't get a full head shot, as the waves weren't as uniform as I'd wanted.  That's something I will have to work on--making sure all of the knots are the same size with the same amount of tension.

I decided to pin my hair to one-side and wore it out to a reggae party with one of my gal pals.

By this time the waves had fallen some, but you get the idea.  Next time, I will use some kind of "hold"-ing product as well.

Also, may I mention that Sean Paul was there, and he's not that short!  I assume all celebrities are tiny....because well, they usually are.  Though, that mohawk gave him a couple extra inches.   haha

Have a spectacular weekend!!


  1. Maybe some aloe vera gel? I'm not good with knowing the plethora of products out there. Anyway loved the hair and colorful outfits. I am such a romper girl and coral is my fave color!!!

  2. This might be personal but how do you get out so much with 2 little ones. I have 2 big ones and there just no support out there for my kids and they are 12 and 9. I'm jealous

  3. I really don't get out as much as it may seem. I average about once every couple weeks--sometimes once a week. Me and the hubs realize that it's good for both of us to be able to get away from the house and blow off steam in whatever way we choose, so we give each other "breaks" from time to time. I'll stay home with the kids so he can go do some "man stuff" and he stays home with them so I can hang out with my girls here and there, etc. We get out together when one of our family members who live in town can babysit. That's how we do it! :)

  4. Cute style. I bought an inch size curling iron to give my Dominican blowed out hair some body. After a while bone straight gets to be so boring.

  5. L&T--I luv rompers!!

    Splendor--I get bored with bone straight very quickly!

  6. Cute style. Always wanted to go to Jamaica to, and Sean Paul!? :)


I read and appreciate all comments & questions!

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